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Take the Guesswork Out Of Fitness

Most people struggle to make sustainable improvements with their health and fitness. They have no guidance and end up dealing with cycles of frustration, setback, and failure. So we learn their story and design a plan that takes the guesswork out of fitness. With a real plan they can make real, long-term progress and confidently take control of their health!

Why Pennant CrossFit?

We specialize in providing individualized fitness and nutrition programs for clients who:

  • have limited or no exercise experience
  • have a history of injuries or physical restrictions and are hesitant to start an exercise program
  • have specific goals inside or outside the gym
  • are aging and looking to remain functional outside the gym
  • who are looking to transform their health

Member Spotlight: Geri S!

Geri has made such amazing progress since starting with us we wanted to share her story. She just turned 69 yesterday and is looking...

Tina McCarthy: Fit and Healthy Mom!

"I completed Elements and joined Pennant just before my son turned four months old exactly a year ago. When I started CrossFit I had...

Carol Dautel: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Transformation

I am in my sixth decade of my life. In my early 50’s about 8 years ago, I had two hip replacements. From my early twenties and through my...

Tom Murphy: April Athlete of the Month!

Tom is our April athlete of the month! He is super dedicated and trusts the process. Although Tom must modify movements to work around a...


Happy Members.

"It’s hard to overstate the impact Pennant CrossFit has had on our family. Dan and his coaching staff have taken the “dread” out of working out and instead have created a positive environment where we are able to achieve a level of fitness and nutrition that far exceeds our expectations. One of the best “investments” we’ve ever made and an activity that we look forward to sharing every day!"

Joe B

Member since 2012

"You should come to Pennant for the coaching alone; it's that good. You'd be doing yourself an injustice to not give Pennant a try. Hell, just have a 10 minute conversation with Dan Rogan... and you'll be impressed by his philosophy. He honestly cares about each and every single member like we are family. He and his coaches always have safety as their number one priority for all members and work to make you better than you could have imagined ... both mentally and physically. And our community will be there every step supporting you as well. So trust me ... don't wait another minute, contact Dan ... you can thank me later. See you at the 5:30am!!!"

Nate R

Member since 2016

Pennant CrossFit

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