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(1) Reverse Lunge: 3 x 6 (per leg)
(2) Kettlebell Step-up: 2 x 8 (per leg)


Teams of 2, For Total Calories: 2 Rounds
partner 1: 2 Minutes Max Calorie Row
partner 2: 2 Minutes Max Calorie Row
partner 1: 1 Minute Max Calorie Row
partner 2: 1 Minute Max Calorie Row
partner 1: 30 Seconds Max Calorie Row
partner 2: 30 Seconds Max Calorie Row


Box Brief: Nutrition Program

Here is an initial outline of the Nutrition Program.
(I) Body Composition: We will be setting up times for everyone to get their body composition taken at the gym. These times will be posted later this evening. If none of these hours work, we will coordinate a time that can accommodate your schedule.
(II) Performance Benchmarks: Tuesday’s workout will be our performance benchmark and will be re-tested at the end of the 6 week block. We will be re-testing the CrossFit Total at the end of the 6 weeks as well. Please track these numbers.
(III) Seminar: Kaitlyn will be holding another seminar next weekend to discuss the importance of lean mass and performance and its influence on other goals. We will announce the time of the seminar later this week.
(IV) Nutrition tracking: We will be using MyFitnessPal during the 6 weeks to track nutrition. We would like everyone to begin by logging a few days of what you are currently eat without changing anything. This is purely for information purposes. It doesn’t have to be super exact, weighed and measured or anything. Honest estimates are fine. We will be using this information to provide feedback and direction on necessary changes and adjustments.
Please post questions for using MyFitnessPal in the comments and we will answer them.