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Gymnastics: 10 Minutes of Muscle-up Practice

(1) Strict/Kipping Muscle-up
(2) Transitions on low rings
(3) Transitions on Band Suspended Rings


5 Rounds, on the 3 minute mark:
3 Muscle-ups (3 Strict Pull-ups + 3 Dips)
6 Burpees over the bar
9 Thrusters 115/75
*Score is slowest round


Transformation Tuesday: John DAllesandro

John comes to class early, always works on his mobility, and made some big strides during the CrossFit Open. Lookin’ good John, Congrats!
When did you start Crossfit and why?
I started Crossfit in September 2014 with my daughter Ashley. At the time, I was unsure if I was going to commit to continuing my membership, after testing it out with a Groupon voucher. Turns out I ended up drinking the Kool-Aid got hooked on the workouts and the entire community surrounding the box. I then committed to having CrossFit be a part of my daily routine. Why? At Planet Fitness I started warming up on the treadmill and making my way around the circuit weights. I never seemed to find myself improving and it was more of just getting there and going through the motions. I would end up driving home never feeling I really pushed myself. But making the switch to CrossFit I can assure you this is never the case. A great 1 hour workout of pushing your body and mind to another level. I never experienced that while going to Planet Fitness.
Favorite workout/movement
My favorite movements would have to be strict press and pull ups. I feel I really enjoy workouts involving upper body movement along with incorporating your core.
Least favorite workout/ movement
This question is a no brainer, due to my nonexistent mobility, overhead squats are by far my least favorite movement
How have you progressed towards your goals?
As you can see from the photo I lost over 60 lbs. in 2010. It all started when I was introduced to this all protein diet called Ideal Protein. Working out on my own at a regular gym was not working, as I had no accountability. Now, after being amazed by the entire CrossFit world I am held accountable by great coaches and other members within the box. Members within every CrossFit box possess the no dogging it attitude which gives you that extra push to make it through the workout. I do try and workout at least 4-5 days a week. When it comes to my diet, I do try and stay away from the real fatty foods as much as I can. I try my best to eat as clean as possible throughout the week and mostly reward myself with a cheat meal once a week normally on Sunday.
What do you like most about CrossFit?
I like that it is a great 1 hour workout that continues to challenge you both mentally and physically. The community and the friendships you develop are definitely added bonuses when being a part of CrossFit.
What do you know now about CrossFit and fitness that you wish you had known earlier?
I now know that anyone can participate. I was first introduced to the world of CrossFit back a few years ago, the current owner of CrossFit Synergistics was going to CFNE and had told me about it. After discussing many of the daily WOD’s I had convinced myself it was not something for me. I wish I would have just given it a try. I think it would be very interesting to see where I would be now physically if I had just given it a chance.
John before & after!

John before & after!