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Weightlifting Wednesday

Strict Press: 10-10-10
Pausing Push Jerk: 3-3-3 (not above 65% of 1 RM Jerk)


For Total Reps: AMRAP 7
30 Double Unders
7 Push Jerks 135/95
Programming Note
 The pause during the push jerks occurs in the initial dip. This should allow the athlete to focus on three things:
1. elbows up
2. upright torso
3. heals flat

Box Brief: Bring A Friend Day & Referral Program

Our next bring a friend day is this Thursday! All classes are open and free to anyone interested in seeing what we are all about. Come get in an awesome workout, meet some amazing people, and see what our community is all about!
This week also marks the start of our Pennant CrossFit Referral Program! The highest compliment we receive is when our members want to involve friends and family in our community. We want to show our appreciation and thanks for making our community so amazing.
How it works:
When your friend signs up for a monthly membership or elements you will each receive a $50 credit. This applies for both experienced and inexperienced crossFitters!
To ensure both of you are credited, have your friend mention your name when scheduling elements or paying for their first month.
Cindy & Dave

Cindy & Dave