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Memorial Day Hours

Come join us for our 24 Heroes in 24 Hours fundraiser. The event runs 10am Sunday until 10am Monday. We start Sunday with the Hero workout ‘Glen’ at 10am and end Monday with ‘Murph’ at 9am. Proceeds go to Veteran’s Inc, a non-profit for veterans located in Worcester.
Here are some important reminders/considerations:
– Check-in starts at 8 and the Athlete Briefing begins at 9, followed by two guest speakers. The first WOD will begin thereafter (10AM).
– For donations, please bring cash or a check! It will make things exponentially easier.
– We will be “fogging” the exterior tonight for mosquitoes but be aware it is that time of year. Bring spray.
– Bring as much food as you think you will need. There is a grill on which you can cook. We are expecting Paleo Naturals to be providing sandwiches.
– You can still order shirts. If you haven’t seen them, they are badass!
– Bring extra clothes.
– Murph will be the last WOD starting @ 9:00am Monday.
– The O’Briens have invited everyone to their house for a cookout/pool party on Monday.
Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend