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CrossFit Total

At 0:00, Build to a 1 RM Back Squat
At 15:00, Build to a 1 RM Press
At 25:00, Build to a 1 RM Deadlift
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Transformation Tuesday: Hanna Cage

Hanna has really been challenging herself lately in the gym. She has alway moved extremely well, but she has recently gained the confidence to put more weight on the bar. She has made huge progress over the past few months and has tons of potential to continue growing. Awesome job, Hanna!
When did you start CrossFit and why?
I started CrossFit in May (June?) of 2015. My friend and next-door neighbor, Audra Murray, had heard a lot about it and really wanted to give it a try. We had recently started jogging together so she invited me to join with her. I had never heard of CrossFit so I blithely agreed. It was only after my first few classes, when I was excitedly telling people all about it, that I realized I was probably the only person in the entire world who didn’t know what CrossFit was. Even my mom knew!
Favorite workout/movement
My favorite are the long WODs – the ones with lots of different movements. I like the variety and the fact that you can be “done” with a move, even though you are only at the beginning of your workout. It’s some immediate gratification to help you keep going. And I don’t mind burpees. You can practice them at home, or at a hotel on the road, and if you do a lot of them they make you miserable enough that you feel like you justifiably worked out.
Least favorite workout/movement
Anything that involves heights or climbing on top of something. The very first time I came to CrossFit we did jumping pull-ups from a box. I almost passed out, and it wasn’t from the exertion. It took me a while to be okay with box jumps. I still shake like a leaf on the first few reps on the GHD. Those ropes can stay nicely tucked in the rafters forever as far as I am concerned.
How have you progressed towards your goals (how many times a week you workout, how you may have changed your diet, etc)?
This is going to sound rather sad, but I didn’t even know I could have fitness goals until I joined CrossFit. I thought it was impossible for me. Then for a long time my only goal was “survive.” Every new thing I accomplished came as a complete surprise to me. One thing I wanted, in the way one wants to win the lottery, was to lose weight and get slimmer. I’ve accomplished that to a degree I never thought possible. In the year I’ve done CrossFit I have lost 4 pants sizes, going from a size 16 to a size 8. Now I am trying to think more about forming actual, measurable goals and truly believing in them. One of my goals is to understand how what I eat affects my body size, shape, and energy level. I’ve joined the nutrition program and I am learning things about food I wish I had known a long time ago.
What do you like most about CrossFit?
I like the concept of scaling. Although we usually refer to scaling when we are reducing a workout to an achievable level, there are actually two sides to it. CrossFit workouts can be scaled so that anyone, regardless of physical ability, can do the exercises. CrossFit can be scaled so that noone, regardless of physical ability, can do the exercises easily. Scaling is all about discovering where your limit is and pushing it, and every day the limit is different. Rx is the goal for most of us, but I doubt when we achieve Rx the scaling stops. Everyone, even the Rx athletes, push their limits. You are all doing the same thing, whether you are on day 1 or 1000. Learning about scaling made me realize that there was no failing at CrossFit. You can fall off the box, trip over the rowers, KO yourself with the barbell, do the handstand faceplant-dismount, but you can never truly fail. *grin*
What do you know now about CrossFit and fitness that you wish you had known earlier?
I am glad I didn’t know anything about CrossFit before I joined. I probably would have preemptively decided that I couldn’t handle it and that would have been a huge loss.
What I didn’t know about fitness? I didn’t know myself. I didn’t know what I could do, and what it is possible for me to do in the future. I often imagine how different I would have been, confidence-wise, if I had started CrossFit in high school. I would have kicked ass in college.
I also wish I had known about transformation before CrossFit. I did Weight Watchers several times and had good but temporary results. When someone in WW expressed frustration because they were eating right, going to the gym, and still gaining weight we would tell them “don’t worry, muscle weighs more than fat!” but I don’t think anyone really believed it. We all accepted it for the pity it was. However, since joining CrossFit I have seen, beyond a doubt, that transformation is real. My before and after pictures are only two pounds difference in my weight. I am 162 in the swimsuit picture and 160 in the goofy muscle (karate?) pose picture. It really is attainable and it really isn’t about the scale.
What’s a fun ‘Hanna’ fact or something we may not know about you?
My husband and I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and, except for college, have never lived more than 15 miles away from each other (as the crow flies). We were also prom king and queen, which to anyone who DOES know us is still the weirdest thing ever. If you want to quote the movie “The Rock” to me, feel free to replace “queen” with “king.” I always do my best. /halo
Hanna Before & After

Hanna Before & After