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For Total Reps: AMRAP 7
800m Run
Remaining Time, Max Tire Flips
-rest 3 minutes-
For Total Reps: AMRAP 7
800m Run
Remaining Time, Max Calorie Row
-rest 3 minutes-
For Total Reps: AMRAP 7
800m Run
Remaining Time, Max Burpees to 6″ Target
*Score is total reps
Matthew Rogan
Matthew Rogan was supposed to be off-duty the day the Twin Towers collapsed. But he had switched tours with one of his fellow firefighters at Ladder Co. 11 on the Lower East Side. Rogan, 37, was a New York City police officer for eight years. Following in the footsteps of his father, who is a retired fire captain in New York City, Rogan became a firefighter in 1994.
Rogan was born and raised in West Islip. He was graduated from St. John the Baptist High School and attended Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York. He was a humble hero. On Nov. 11, 1997, Rogan and two other firefighters swam 30 to 40 feet, wearing cumbersome bunker gear, to rescue a woman from the frigid East River. As the trio explained the rescue effort to television crews, reporters and city officials, the media-shy Rogan reportedly whispered to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: “That was harder than the rescue.”
He had a great sense of humor, relatives said. He loved gardening, clamming and spending time with his children. Rogan is survived by his wife, Melissa; a daughter, Sarah, 13; 10-year-old twins, Matthew Jr. and Monica; parents, John and Marian, and siblings Christopher, Gerry and Bernadette.
Matthew Rogan

Matthew Rogan

August Committed Club

Congrats to everyone who made our August Committed Club. Great work and dedication!
Christine Seymour- 24
Anne Trainor- 23
Karen Fiore- 23
Olivia Spadafore- 23
Cindy Bennett- 23
Juliana Fiore- 22
Annmarie Decker- 22
Jackie Avery- 22
Dave Fialkow- 21
Nate Repucci- 21
Sean McCarthy- 20
Matt McNear- 20
Amanda Maynard- 20
Mark Vilensky- 20
Rick Savoia- 20
Brett Peters- 20
Jim Finneran- 20
Matt Gilmore- 19
Joel Hayden- 19
Christina McCarthy- 19
Stephanie Vilensky- 19
Brian Siet- 19
Manny Rubio- 18
Susan Peters- 18
David Fiore- 17
Wendy Siet- 17
Deepthi Shekar- 17
Joe Blanchard- 17
Janet Repucci- 17
Mihlan Fiore- 17
Suzanne Duca- 16
Dan Rogan- 16
Cassie Moy- 16
Bruce Chauncey- 15
Danny Silverman- 15
Molly Bennett- 15
Amanda Doyle- 15