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For Total Time: 5 rounds
25/20 Calorie Row
50 Double Unders
*rest 2 minutes between rounds


For Total Reps: AMRAP 12
25/20 calorie row
50 Double Unders
*rest 1 minute between rounds

Box Brief: Weekly Announcements

(1) 3015 Reps of Remembrance is Sunday, September 11th at the Walker Building in Marlborough.
(2) Remember to tally your workouts and post on the blog if you are participating in the September Workout Challenge!
(3) Our expanded schedule takes effect today Tuesday, September 6th! The new changes include:
Monday – Friday 4:30pm CrossFit
Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm CrossFit
Saturday 10:00am CrossFit
Brian McAleese
This being the week of September 11th, we will be highlighting some first responders who lost their lives. Never Forget.
Brian McAleese, 36, of Baldwin, was a New York City firefighter at Engine Co. 226 in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. His brother, John, also a firefighter whose firehouse was around the corner, found McAleese’s demolished rig. One of five children, Brian McAleese was known as the family peacemaker. “He had a great big heart. He would do anything for anybody,” said his sister, Pat Nitti of Dix Hills. “Brian was the first one of the family to try to make peace if there was any fighting,” she said.
He came from a family of firefighters — his father had been in the city fire department. McAleese and his brother often worked the same fires. Another brother, Kevin, is a New York City police detective. “He really took care of my parents . . .” said Nitti. And he had four of his own children, the oldest 5 and the youngest 4 months at the time. “Having kids for him was the epitome of being alive.”
Brian McAleese

Brian McAleese