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CrossFit Total

At 0:00, Build to a 1 RM Back Squat
At 15:00, Build to a 1 RM Press
At 25:00, Build to a 1 RM Deadlift
Last completed: May, 25, 2016
Kevin O’Rourke
Kevin O’Rourke, 44, of Hewlett, was a firefighter serving with Rescue Co. 2 in Brooklyn when he responded on 9/11. “My dad pretty much was the kid who rode his bike chasing the fire truck,” said his daughter, Corinne Strome of Valhalla.
Kevin O’Rourke had been rescued by a firefighter as a child, she said, and it inspired him to become a firefighter himself. “It was his calling … He did it not for the recognition, but really out of the love of it. Those less fortunate did deserve our help, and he was always mindful of that. He always wanted to pitch in.”
Kevin O'Rourke

Kevin O’Rourke