(508) 481-2372 ali@pennantcrossfit.com


On the 3 minutes for 10 rounds
250m row
10 burpees
*Score is slowest interval


Today is Columbus Day! We will be open the following hours:
5:30am, 8:30am, noon, 3:30pm (teens), 4:30pm


Box Brief: Weekly Announcements

(1) Halloween Internal Team Throwdown: Our internal throwdown and party will be Saturday, October 29th at 4pm. All workouts are open and accessible to all members. Cookout and games to follow!
(2) Quarterly Meetings: Sign-up for this week are at the front desk. If the available hours do not work, please write your name at the bottom of the page and Dan will get in contact to schedule a time!
Ghetto Games Prep Class!

Ghetto Games Prep Class!