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Big T

For Time: 3 Rounds
500m Row
20 Box Jumps Overs 24/20
Midline Cashout: 2 Rounds Not For Time
25 Back Extensions
accumulate 1 minute in an L-sit
25 Banded Sit-ups
accumulate 1 minute in a chinese arch


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Athlete of the Month: Gabe Markarian

Gabe has been spending time putting in extra work on the weekends to improve. He is always fun to have in class, and continually pushes himself to be better. Awesome job, Gabe!
1. I started Crossfit because I was in a transition period in my life (graduating and starting new career). Fitness has been a value of mine for years but I felt it stagnating. Crossfit was and is fresh in a lot of ways, and after visiting a Gold’s, another Crossfit place, and a couple other gyms close to my place of work, it was my introduction to Dan, who I must have met mid-afternoon on a Saturday who showed me not just that it as a fresh way to exercise my resolve for fitness but also but also that he had a genuine interest in connecting with the gym’s clients on a personal level.
2. Favorite movement must be cleans at the moment. They are something I NEVER would have tried working out in a regular gym, they forced me to leave my comfort zone and it took Bucky really drilling me on them one weekend to really assimilate them physically and mentally. Also shoutout to kneeling squat jumps cuz I felt like a rockstar stacking plates up and landing it over and over one WOD.
3. Least favorite movement, again – at the moment, is going to pull-ups/muscle ups. My arms seems to have lost some tone while my posterior chain has seen sizable gains. These movements are something I feel I should be doing better, and when they come up in a WOD, my arms burn out faster than I would like. They need to get better, they will get better.
4. Outside the gym I am a Software Engineer, a profession rife with less-than-social, less-than-active, intellectual people. The startup hours can be long, but I like to cut those ‘less-than’s off the generalizations people make about programmers. I bring a personable vibe to my place of work and I NEED to be social on the weekends, especially in the dawn of my 9-5 career. Crossfit is a great way to separate work and home. I also enjoy listening and hearing the creative process of music, and I’m about to buy my dream car. You’ll know when I have it as soon as I pull in with it someday soon.
5. Before Crossfit I was a senior in college – very fun but not stellar for my workout resolve. I had 3 weeks off between graduation and work in which I schmoozed around Wet Hot American Summer style with my fellow new post-grads. A week after starting work, I remember deciding to join Pennant, going in to schedule my orientation classes and saying ‘I’m dying’ for a workout’. The rest is history.
6. My goals were first and foremost to get that resolve back that I mentioned in #5.Long story short, we are 3/4 of the way through the September workout challenge. I am training for a 5k, pulling from the travel WODs, sore, and overall depleted. I have one skip day left. I have no plans to skimp on the 22 days. Boom.
7. I wrote on the board for September WOC, a message about honing a sharp mind against a hard body. Crossfit allows me to get the most out of my life outside the gym. It allows me to not bring work home with me when it has been strenuous. It allows me to be more confident in my interactions with people in and out of work.
8. My advice is to find the right gym (like I was lucky enough to do). No macho-man BS, no drama. These movements are no joke and you can easily do a number (permanently) on something irreplaceable like your knees if you aren’t coached properly. Maybe it sounds overplayed since it’s written at the wall at Pennant but the community makes a world of difference. Where else are you going to get high-fives and ‘good jobs’ from the people you just workout with? The variety, the community, the near-personal coaching treatment make (Pennant) Crossfit well worth the price of admission.
Gabe is our September Athlete of the Month!

Gabe is our September Athlete of the Month!