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Weightlifting Wednesday

Back Squat: 6 x 2 (3 second pause)
*use the same weight across all sets
Bench Press: 6 x 4
*climbing in weight
Gun Show Cashout
50 Barbell Curls
50 Banded Tricep Pushdowns
*partition as needed


Box Brief: Nutrition Program

We’re excited to kick off the next block of the nutrition program! This block will be geared towards getting through the holidays with balance. The block will be 4 weeks long, lasting from Monday, October 24th to Sunday, November 20th. Here’s the fun part, this time it will consist of teams of 2! You choose your partner.
Information session is THIS Sunday, October 16th at 10:45am and the sign-up sheet will be at the front desk. Details will be provided at the meeting as well as hard copies at the front desk.


Curt aka Macgyver

Curt aka Macgyver