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My husband, Sean, has been involved in Crossfit for over three years.  I was always interested in trying it, but timing was tricky as I was pregnant most of the time.  After child number two I was finally ready to give it a go.  We both agreed it would be something fun for us to do together and show our commitment as parents to make health and fitness a priority in our lives.
I was nervous when I first joined as there were a lot of new movements I had never done before.  With incredible coaching and community support I learned that challenging myself was the only way to get better.
My first big accomplishment was my August goal: become a member of the committed club.  If I could make Crossfit a priority and get into box at least 15 days a month I’d get more practice with the movements and have the opportunity to lift a little heavier each day.  It was important to me to set time aside time just for me… not work, not children, not housework, but for an hour I was going to be my own priority.
Right now I am working on finding my one rep max for common movements.  It is really exciting going heavy with weight and surprising myself at what my body is capable of.
My favorite Pennant memory is the Labor Day “Murph” WOD.  It wasn’t about the workout for me.  I knew I was going to scale the movements and reps as I was still new, but the energy in the box was electric and like nothing I had ever been a part of before.  Dozens of athletes of all fitness levels came together to work hard and cheer on one another. That feeling of community is what Pennant is all about.