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The last couple of days, I’ve been sore. The good, crazy kind of sore- the ‘oh, there’s a muscle I haven’t used in a while’ sore. Between all the eye issues, knee issues, shoulder issues etc I’ve had, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to give it my all during workouts. To be truthful, It got to be a little depressing. So I decided to take it easy for a while. No 6 days a week. No 1RM. No committed club. No trying to keep up with people half my age. Just do what I could, when I could. And it worked!!
I didn’t lose my love of CF. I re-established my purpose in working out. And I realized I have incredible friends who like me for me- not for what I can (or can’t) do in the gym. I realized we have an incredible coaching staff led by the ‘Dynamic Dan Rogan’ – who took the time to check in with me and make sure he and his staff were doing everything they could for me. I wasn’t made to feel less important than any of the other members. THANK YOU doesn’t seem big enough. But that’s all I’ve got: a thank you from the bottom of my stronger heart and my sore hamstrings and my tight quads…