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CrossFit is amazing. The results yielded through nutrition, proper coaching, and functional movements performed at high intensity are indisputable. But there is more to it than the physical, it causes a transformation between the ears.
I think all CrossFitters would agree that the workouts are not only physically challenging but can also be very mentally challenging. Take for example, the hero workout ‘DT’ ( 5 Rounds: 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Push Jerks) it is just you and the barbell. There you are, holding on for big sets on the deadlift, lungs filled with fire, sweat pouring out of you, a rip on your hand from multiple cleans, and the bar in the front rack position pushing you down as you are trying to drive it overhead for that final jerk. You finish your last jerk and the clocks looks you straight in the eyes.
You start to think about what just happened. Did I give it everything I had? Did I PR? I should have never had that cheat meal! Why am I doing this? As you lay on the ground with all these thoughts going through your head, a fellow athlete comes by and gives you a high five, and you realize why you are here. You do it because of the community that pushes you to be better. You do it because you are amongst people with a common goal: to make your life better. And the great think about it is, you are making their lives better as well.
CrossFit starts to bring structure. You start to do things differently and with stronger purpose. You walk into work on Monday morning after smashing the workout ‘Cindy’ and take on that presentation that, in the past, use to leave you sleepless. Right then you know it has certainly started to make a change between the ears. I am a true believer in this. Especially having my own personal experience with how CrossFit has transformed my life.
As a coach I ask a lot of my athletes questions. And the one I like to ask the most is, “ What did you do before CrossFit? or “ How did you find CrossFit?” I enjoy hearing the stories and responses. So, with this I want you to think a little deeper as to what brings you through the doors of the gym. Then hold that meaning close to you and do not forget it. Workouts get tough and you need something to push you through that next rep, that next step on your run when your body is telling you to stop and take a break. When you have that deep meaning within you, you will push yourself to greater heights. You all have a why, so use it and use it well.
-Coach Mick