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1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
4 or 5 years ago, someone at work had mentioned they had discovered this new approach to fitness called CrossFit.  I didn’t pay much attention until a few years later I was getting bored with my workouts (various P90X series) and decided to checkout CrossFit online.  I tried some of the mainsite workouts on my own and loved both the short, intense nature of the workouts, and the challenge of learning a bunch of new movements.  I quickly realized that I’d get a lot more out of it if I had some real coaching, so decided to try a class at the CrossFit box closest to my home.
2. What was your first impression of CrossFit? How has it changed?
I was ready to be pretty intimidated when I went to my first class, given some of the videos I’d seen of the Games, and the general reputation of CrossFitters as a bit fanatical about their fitness.,, and indeed there were (and are) some amazing athletes here. But there were also people at all different ages and abilities, doing the workouts at all different scales, and everyone – to a person – was incredibly friendly, welcoming, and supportive.  Also, the quality and effectiveness of the coaching was way above what I had imagined.
3. What was your first big accomplishment in the gym?
Getting 300 lbs on a deadlift was my first big accomplishment.  I never thought I’d be able to lift that much weight.
4. What are you working to improve now?
Olympic lifts.  I had never done them before CrossFit, and am just starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of them. Oh, and double unders.
5. What’s your favorite Pennant Memory?
This year’s Halloween throw-down was a total blast, and I was blown away by some of the costumes.