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EMOM x 7: 1 Pausing Back Squat (3 second pause)


For Time
100 Double Unders
75 Wallballs 20/14
100 Double Unders
*every time you rest on the wallballs, add 5 reps to the total. 15 minute time cap.


Three Wise Men Tribute

Friday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day and we will be doing a very special tribute workout. The Three Wise Men Foundation advocates for Veterans, raises awareness of challenges our Veterans face, and forms alliances that help support Veterans. We encourage everyone to go online to join our team, Pennant CrossFit, and make a donation to this great cause. The Link to register is here.
Join us for this special fundraising workout on Veteran's Day, Friday, November 11th.

Join us for this special fundraising workout on Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 11th.