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Taking the step to make a change is a huge commitment and entering a CrossFit gym can be daunting. However, with some persistence, proper scaling, and professional coaching this obstacle can be conquered. Below are some examples of how we go about scaling workouts to make CrossFit accessible to all levels:
Duration of Exercise
If we have a workout prescribed to be 20 minutes long, we will generally make it shorter for new members. This allows for gradual adaptation and improvement. It is not too much that it will leave you overly sore and debilitating but it is enough to spike your metabolism and burn calories.
Movement Substitutions
We oftentimes will change movements and make adjustments on an individual basis to help clients avoid injury and see continual progress. We have had classes where coaches have given every member their own specific version of the day’s workout.
Our coaches have worked with a broad array of clientele. One example is a 55 year-old former football player. At then time of starting CrossFit, this gentleman was 350 pounds and had three knee surgeries after collegiate football. He could only do a handful of movements: sit-ups, rowing, kettlebell swings, and biking. In the past year, he has lost over 50 pounds and made major strides in strength and mobility.
Relative Intensity
There is a perception that CrossFit is about pushing as hard as possible, puking, and then doing it again. However, we view intensity as a relative term and something that is correlated to YOUR effort, no one else’s. It does not matter how fast someone else is moving, what matter’s is that you are working at your capacity. And no, we do not promote puking.
It takes courage but the hardest part is taking that first step through the door. To learn more about our programs and how we can help you get started, click here to contact us!