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What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
I joined CrossFit Southborough 5 years ago in December in order to give Nate a free month.  I also wanted to get back into shape, having been away from a gym for a few years.  Throughout my life I belonged to one gym or another; earliest was the Y (Dance Aerobics and Step Aerobics) where I put Nate’s brothers in the daycare while I danced pregnant with Nate.  When the kids were in High School, we belonged to Perfect Shape, where Nate first began to compete with his bothers.
What was your first impression? How has it changed?
My first impression was not so good.  I was convinced for a long time that Nate was really going to hurt himself. Not a fan of rap music either (but it sure beats country, which is what they played when I went to CrossFit Brooklyn.  Can you believe it?!)  But I kept going anyway.
My impression has changed because CrossFit really made a huge difference for me.  I grew some great guns and made my back much stronger.  I have two ruptured discs; one repaired, one not.  After a full workup of my back, the doc’s advice was to get back in the gym.  As many know, every now and then I throw it out, but with some great techniques (learned at CF) I recover pretty quickly.
What was your first big accomplishment in the gym? 
I guess that would be taking 2nd place in a Masters Tournament.  I thought I had done quite badly (my competition was the indomitable Janet Dygert) – we were the only two in our age class, so it was sort of a default win.  But I was still proud.  Sadly, I went home before I even got a chance to stand on the podium.
How has CrossFit helped you maintain or improve your health? 
I dropped 20 lbs. in a couple of Paleo challenges, my blood work is picture perfect (I take no meds), and I can still lift all of my grandchildren (although the oldest is getting bigger and giving me quite the challenge).  🙂
What keeps you coming back? 
I like to eat and I like to be strong.  Of course my morning peeps and coaches make it worth getting up at 4:45 AM.  But please…NEVER REVEAL THE WORKOUT to me the night before.  I just show up, face the music, and scale appropriately.
What goals do you have for the future? 
My goal is just to keep on keepin on.  Maybe there are some PRs left in me, but mostly, I just want to push back any age-related decline.