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After daily visits to a typical gym for the past several years, I was looking for a completely new workout experience that would incorporate more functional type strength training and not be so BORING. I really didn’t see where my workouts were helping me perform outside the gym, especially when it came to outdoor activities like running, skiing, biking, etc. I read about CrossFit on line and thought that with a box just a mile down the road that I’d give it a try.
The WODs were super challenging but yet fun – exactly what I was looking for! The support from the coaches and reinforcement I get from the other members has had a huge positive impact on my performance… something I never got from my workouts over the past 20 years. How has it changed? It was initially a bit intimidating seeing others squat 400 pounds but nothing is intimidating anymore. My confidence has grown and I’m now more focused than ever on my personal goals. It just takes commitment, listening closely to your coaches and knowing your limits.
My first big accomplishment from Pennant CrossFit was actually outside the gym. One of my favorite summer activities is beach volleyball. Last summer while competing in a volleyball tournament with my kids, my son mentioned how it seemed like I was having trouble getting to the ball. Not this year!! With a year of CrossFit under by belt, my body and movements felt like I was 20 years younger. For me, that was all the proof I needed of CrossFit’s benefits.
I have never done lower body strength training but now realize know how important it is, especially as you get older. After college, I did a lot of biking, swimming and running for triathlon competitions. I actually avoided lower body exercises thinking they would slow me down. I’m now making up for lost time and am especially focused on improving my lower body strength.
I’m a big believer in cross-training and interval conditioning, and it’s positive effects on key vitals like blood pressure, glucose, heart rate, etc. I keep track of this stuff and know that my workout programs at CrossFit, combined with a healthy diet (including a little red wine each day!!), helps in a big way to keep my health in check. CrossFit also makes me feel great – after all, that is by far the most important vital sign!