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When I first started dating Amanda, she was doing CrossFit while I was at Evolve Fitness. The first fight we ever had was actually about CrossFit. I just couldn’t understand why anyone would pay $100 plus a month for a membership when they could go to planet fitness for $10 a month. And why the hell call it a “box”?? It’s clearly just a garage. And what was up with all these abbreviations and weird names (WOD, AMRAP, Karen, The Chief)? At the time, I looked at it as a cult for people that didn’t know what to do at a gym and needed a “how to” guide for working out.
After months of doing the same chest and back routine at Evolve and plateauing, I decided I’d give CrossFit a shot. Amanda is smart enough not to join a cult, so I figured why not. I thought it would be something we could do together, so I called up Pennant and talked to Ali and Dan for a few minutes before setting up a time to meet. I walked into Pennant not knowing what to expect, but after meeting Ali and having my first 2 elements classes, I thought it had potential, plus I had a free month to go. Within that month I had connected with the coaches and members of the “box” and started enjoying the atmosphere that Pennant had to offer. After my first month, I had already noticed an increase in strength and cardio and was actually started enjoying going to workout instead of it being a requirement to make up for the crappy food I ate.
I knew CrossFit was for me when I had added 30lbs to my bench press. It isn’t your traditional CrossFit movement, but I was still all about bench at the time. Dan gave me a workout plan, and after 30 days I was able to bench 215lb. Three months at evolve doing bench 3x’s a week never gave me that result, and I knew I was hooked. I’m usually at Pennant five days a week, and the only reason I’m not there all seven is because of class. CrossFit is not just an hour out of my day to workout, but becoming a part of who I am. I hold myself more accountable at work now, I prepare for workouts better by fueling myself properly, and I push myself mentally more in WODs than I ever have before. Every time I compare my numbers or times, I see better results. Just last night I dropped 1.5 minutes off of “Annie”. But for me it’s the days that I’m too tired, or the workouts that I look at and don’t want to do that I love most. Those are the days that I leave the gym knowing that I’m becoming a better version of myself. Currently, you will find me near the rings working on transitions to get after my next goal of a ring muscle up. Coach Mick even said to me, “You have the strength to do it, but do you want it bad enough?”. The body can do more than the mind thinks it can, and I’m just not realizing this.
CrossFit has not only challenged me physically, but mentally as well. I recently found a quote that I live by now that has helped get me through some tough workouts lately. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” By Fred DeVito. One last thing, you were right about CrossFit Amanda.