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Cindy and Rob

Cindy and Rob

“I have an old knee injury so I can’t do CrossFit. I wish I could, but I can’t squat.” “I hurt my back chopping wood this weekend so I will be out of the gym for a week.”
The above statements are reflective of what we hear from new and existing members. Whether it is a pre-existing injury, a recent problem, or just nagging pain, far too many people will take the all-or-nothing approach. This approach is one where we stay out of the gym completely, regardless of injury or limitation. Our goal with this blog is to change that mindset. Below is a description of why we want to eliminate this approach and the different methods we use to working with injuries.
Why is this unproductive?
Consist effort is key to continual development in all aspects of life; health and fitness are no exception. By staying out of the gym we are impeding progress and going in reverse. There are some instances where we want complete rest, but most situations are easily navigable.
Movement Modification
This method consists of an alteration to the prescribed movement. For example, if we cannot squat to full depth because of a previous injury but half the range of motion is no problem we will do that. This allows us to receive many of the benefits of specific movements and the intended stimulus of a workout, but to be done in a safe and effective manner.
Movement Substitution
This method consists of completely changing a prescribed movement. If we have someone who cannot squat, we will prescribe an alternative movement. This movement will be one that the person can perform safely and effectively, and will retain the intended effect of the workout.
We have many members who need to substitute movements on a regular basis because of current or pre-existing limitations and are still making great progress with their fitness.
One statement we will hear is “I’m sorry but…” Please, do not apologize for asking for help! We love to help members solve problems.
It takes a well-trained, fully invested coaching staff to develop trust and confidence in the process. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are heading in the right direction, that you are comfortable with you’re workout, and that you’re having fun. When we come up with a proper plan of action we are able to maintain a high level of fitness and see progress when we would, otherwise, be heading in the wrong direction.
So, the next time you think about letting something hold your back, come talk to one of our coaches and let us help you continue on your journey towards accomplishing those health and fitness goals!