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Think of life as a hike up a long, steep, challenging mountain. On this journey we are all faced with difficult decisions. It is easy to get caught in the day-to-day and lose sight of where we are going and why we are headed in that direction. If we can step back and look at the larger picture with the end in mind, we will likely avoid violating what we have defined as important.
What do I mean when I write ‘end in mind’? It is the consideration of your legacy, of what we want your life to represent. When looking back on your life, how would you want to be remembered? Where would you want to see your time invested? With this perspective you have a defined path and can work backwards to ensure your decisions align with your vision.
This self-assessment is daunting and is something many of us will avoid. To help create clarity, construct a personal mission statement. This is your Constitution, your manifesto. It allows you to define your character and your contribution. It is the standard by which you evaluate your actions and decisions. Defining your personal mission will provide guidance, perspective, identity, and empowerment.