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Have you ever wondered what a CrossFit class is like? Below is a description of how a class is structured at Pennant.
Each class is 60-minutes and instructed by a member of our professional coaching staff. Prior to class, coaches check-in with members to see if there are any injuries or limitations that prevent then from performing the movements used in the workout. For anyone with a restriction, the coach will design a specific version of the workout for that member.
At the start of class, the coach will discuss the intent of the workout as well as how it should be approached and how we will be modifying for everyone’s ability level. Next, the coach will take the class through a specific warm-up designed to prepare clients for the workout. Coaches are not working out during class; they are leading and instructing.
Following the warm-up, the coach will lead a movement review where they break down the movements to be performed, observe clients performing the movements, then provide feedback and adjustments to ensure everyone is moving safely and effectively.
Once the coach feels comfortable and confident with how everyone is moving, we start the workout. Sometimes the workout contains both a strength and a conditioning component, other days it has a conditioning component only.
At the conclusion of the workout, the coach will lead a group cool down, time permitting, of stretching and mobility work. If class time is limited, the coach will make recommendations for stretching and mobility work.
We want to help you succeed! As you can see, all workouts are designed for you and your sole responsibility is to show up. It is our responsibility to tailor the workout to your individual needs once you are here. Our team is committed to the success of our clients and we strive to nurture an environment that is supportive of all members.