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The answer is: YES! Our goal at Pennant is to provide a supportive community and professional coaching to create the best hour of your day. Although we want you to challenge yourself, we DO NOT require you to do movements you physically cannot perform or mentally do not feel ready for. We have had many first-time people leave their first class shocked by the number of modifications and substitutions we can make and still get a great workout!
We can modify and substitute for ALL movements. For example, when it comes to a movement such as running we will usually substitute rowing or biking. This allows you to get the stimulus of running without the impact on the joints. You may also be able to perform a version of the movement but in a modified capacity. For example, if you want to challenge yourself with running but the workout calls for a long distance, our coaches will work with you to determine a distance that is challenging but doable. Another example of a movement we will scale according to your ability level and restrictions is the squat. We have come members who can only do a limited number, others can only squat half of the way down, and some of our members cannot squat at all!
We will work with you to ensure workouts are properly scaled to your specific needs and ability level. In a positive environment with the correct coaching, anything is possible!