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At Pennant, we emphasize proper movement and technique over speed and intensity. Yes, intensity and speed are keys for results but we will not put you in a position to get injured for the sake of finishing a workout faster or lifting more weight.
Intensity is relative. We want you to focus on your effort and what you want to achieve from the workout. The client who has been with us for 5 years is working at a different speed and weight than the person who has been here for 5 months but they are both working hard and seeing results.
For new clients we tend to hold people back and have them dial in proper movement. When learning a movement for the first time, there is a steep tradeoff between intensity and technique. As speed or weight increase, technique decreases precipitously. This tradeoff is less as someone gains more experience. Once we are comfortable and confident in a client’s movement we will let them challenge themselves and start working with heavier weight.
We also have members who do not feel comfortable pushing past a specific weight. We do encourage them to challenge their boundaries, but only to a certain point. This is especially true of members with past or current injuries. We can still get in a great workout by taking a smart approach and limiting risk.
You will not find coaches or other clients screaming at you to put more weight on the bar. Our goal is to provide support as you progress towards your goals in health and fitness!