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Kaitlyn Nutrition
Whether your goals are performance or health oriented, nutrition is the foundation for your success. Quality, quantity, and consistency are components of a well-planned nutrition program.
To evaluate your current intake, start by logging three days of what you eat and when you eat it. For some people, this simple exercise will reveal for them where they need to improve. Some of us realize we eat too much or, just as common, not enough! By adjusting intake levels we can have a huge impact on our metabolism, which will then allow us to continue progressing.
If you are still unsure of what to do, look at the quality of what you eat. We want our diets to consist of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This means we focus are attention on natural, unprocessed foods. Sure, we can eat other foods in moderation but the majority of our intake should be defined by these categories. Also, cut out soda!
Finally, be patient! When we take follow the approach of quality food at the correct intake levels, we will see results but they will, oftentimes, come slower than we want. If we greatly reduce our caloric intake, the results will come fast at first, but then we will find ourselves hitting a plateau while also feeling tired and weak!
If you’re still not sure, contact us here to learn about our nutrition programs.
Sufficient sleep will affect your hormones, immune system, and your brain. Not enough sleep will mean that your cortisol, stress, levels will be elevated. When cortisol levels are high our metabolism starts to drop and are body burns fewer calories. Sleep deprivation also makes our immune system weaker, leaving us susceptible to illness!
We all have busy lives but if you challenge yourself next month to sleep and extra 30-60 minutes each night and see if you notice a difference in your mood, health, and fitness.
Workout Routine
If you are always doing the same exercises day after day, your body will adjust to that stimulus and progress will be stalled. In order to see continual progress we need to do something that will keep our muscles strong AND elevate our heart rate. Without the combination of weight training and high heart rate activities, such as interval training, we will not accomplish either of these tasks.
When we weight train and work on high heart rate conditioning our metabolism will be boosted during the workout, but can also stay elevated for UP TO 36 hours, which means we are burning calories over a day after we exercised!