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We are almost a full month into 2017.
This is the time of the year when many people start to drift away and fall off their goals for the year. We have all heard someone say, or even said ourselves, something like “I’m going to the gym 5 days per week this year” or “I’m going to really clean up my nutrition”. For many, this is true for the first month of the year and then old habits start to emerge. You have a long day at work and are very tired and tell yourself it is okay to skip the gym. The next week you do the same thing, but it happens twice. Before you know it, you are skipping the gym more than you are going, the progress has stalled, you get frustrated, and you give up. This is the easy way out.
How do we prevent ourselves from falling into this trap and staying strong? Below are a few thoughts:
Success starts between the ears.
Achieving success is hard. Waking at 4:45am to workout at 5:30am when it is 5 degrees outside is hard. Pushing your limits in a workout when your lungs and muscles are burning is hard. Staying strong in the face of temptation to skip a workout or to have a cheat meal is hard.
If we remind ourselves WHY we are committed to achieving our goals we will dramatically improve our chance for success. If those are deep seated, genuine reasons, they will light a fire inside of us. This motivation pushes us past potential excuses and causes us to find a way to make things happen. If we are lacking in this understanding and grounding, it is only a matter of time before we fall off the wagon.
We can also condition ourselves to welcome challenges, and see them as an opportunity to get better. Staying positive and reminding yourself that there is a payoff to facing such adversity will keep you moving forward when others stall. The payoff is not only achieving our health and fitness goals but, also, self growth. Self-growth can come in the form of newfound confidence, increased mental fortitude, or an unwavering faith in the face of adversity. The way we respond in challenges in the gym is, oftentimes, indicative of how we respond to hardship outside the gym.


Measure Backwards
We get so caught up in looking towards where we want to go, we forget where we started. Look back at where you were 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago, or 6 months ago. If you have been consistently working hard, taking a long-term perspective will remove you from the day-to-day and allow you to see the bigger picture. This analysis will remind you of the progress you have made and will be rejuvenating.