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When I was looking for a place to workout, I wanted something closer to my house so I don’t give driving and traffic as an excuse to not show up. CrossFit is literally 4 minutes from my home.
At first I was not at all thrilled to come to CrossFit, I have never worked out in my life so it was really tough. I used to look at others and try to do what they do but, with Coach Mick’s guidance, I have learned to accept who I am and what my body can take and make progress slowly but steadily. CrossFit helps me not only physically but mentally, and it helps me to set goals and build on my confidence!
My first big accomplishment was coming to the “Roulette” class on a friday without knowing what it is and walking out of the class in one piece after finishing the workout. When coach Mick wrote the work out, I was like, “Is this even humanly possible? “. But I took one thing at a time,  did not look at the clock or others, and just focused on my workout. It was absolutely one of the biggest things I have ever done in my life!
I don’t have athletic bone in my body, never played any kind of sports. As long as you are willing to get out of the house, that’s all it takes. Coaches literally take you under their wings and show you that you belong there. I cannot do box jumps, I cannot do front squats, I cannot do GHD Sit ups, I cannot do proper push ups and the list goes on and on, but there is always a scaled down version of the workout and I can see myself making progress.  IF I CAN, ANYONE CAN!!