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I started CrossFit at the end of June 2016. My fiancé, Jacqui, and I decided to take the leap and give it a shot together at the recommendation of a couple of my coworkers who had been CrossFitters for a while and thought we would enjoy it, as well. They weren’t wrong!
Prior to CrossFit I was doing the typical weight lifting routine at a local gym. It was ok, but didn’t offer nearly as many challenges, friendships, or camaraderie that CrossFit does! My broad goal going into this was just to give it a shot and see what happened. I wanted to get into better shape overall; strength, endurance, etc. CrossFit has certainly gotten me into better shape. I find I push myself harder than I had previously and I think the mental challenge is what really keeps me coming back for more.
I’m a sucker for the Olympic barbell stuff. I’d say the deadlift and back squat would be tied for favorites. I had never really explored the others, but I’m loving them more and more as my technique improves.
Outside of the gym I like to stay active and outdoors. I spend a lot of time hiking with our dog. I also like to golf and fish when I can find the time. I have been a police officer for the Town of Southborough for almost six years. CrossFit has only benefited my life outside of the gym. In my profession, being fit is really important for a multitude of reasons. I’ve found that I feel better overall, I have more energy, and pay more attention to my health in general… it has become a positive lifestyle change.
I think the biggest piece of advice I can give to someone on the fence would be to just check your ego at the door, go in with an open mind, and just start learning and moving – don’t worry about how much weight is on the bar. I think a lot of people can feel intimidated by some of the movements because they’ve never tried them and they don’t want to look “dumb.” Pennant is full of great people who are super supportive, helpful, and ready to endure the toughest workouts right alongside you.