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“I completed Elements and joined Pennant just before my son turned four months old exactly a year ago.
When I started CrossFit I had two goals in mind.   At first I was determined to lose the last few pounds of baby weight, and I wanted to become a true athlete again.   Growing up I was very active in sports; I was never the strongest, but I was fast and worked hard.  I out hustled those naturally gifted to earn the right to play beside them.  It was always about being as good as, or better than, the person next to me.   What I fell in love with about CrossFit is that you are only comparing yourself to yesterday’s you.  If I could just push myself a little bit harder, add just a little more weight, become more efficient with the movements then I’d be a better me with no ceiling.
Counting macros, drinking plenty of water and getting into the box 3-5 days a week allowed me to reach my first goal within 3 months or so.  Then I realized it wasn’t about my weight at all, just about being healthy. Being a “fit mom” isn’t about a dress size, the weight on a scale or comparing yourself to other moms with babies the same age. It is about having the energy to play with your kids and still make yourself (and fitness) a priority.  I no longer track my meals, yet I try to make healthy choices by avoiding junk food and eating a TON of lean protein every day.  What has really helped me see my fitness achievements over the past year has been the iPR app.  I track named workouts as well as weights and reps of movements.  By six months I could literally see the difference proving I put in the work and challenged myself every WOD.   I recently saw two girl workouts for a second time since joining Pennant and was stoked to “measure up”.  I cut nearly 2:30 off my Helen time with a heavier weight, and added reps to Nicole with fewer scales. Both huge wins!
I look forward to seeing continuous gains and racking up some PRs all because of my supportive family, the Pennant community and coaches, and by making fitness a priority in my life.” – Tina
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