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A friend invited me to join Pennant CrossFit at a very crucial time in my life.  At the age of 64, I left the corporate world and was looking forward to pursuing meaningful activities that I had put off.   However, after all the sitting in front of a computer, I developed debilitating lower back pain that had reduced my activity to 20% of my normal range.  Treatment and physical therapy brought some relief but I was told this would not be permanent. This was very upsetting and I made a commitment to strengthening my back and body so I could stay active and enjoy my next phase of life.   
It was then that I began working with Jeff at CrossFit.  Prior to this, I had not been exercising, had minimal muscle tone and had “slowed down” from back pain and muscle aches.  Jeff customized my workouts to strengthen my core and back muscles, and modified the full body exercises to avoid strain on my back.  He even coordinated with my physical therapist to include her recommended exercises.    I appreciate that each workout is different and goes by very fast, because it involves weight resistance that optimizes the workout and avoids lengthy repetitions.  Over the weeks, my balance improved, my core was strengthened (without doing any sit-ups!), my back pain began to go away and my energy and vitality returned.  I am so thankful for this and am back up to 90% of my previous activity range.  I feel like I have my life back again!
My friend and I are committed to continuing these workouts at Pennant CrossFit to maintain our health and mobility.  We both enjoy working with Jeff and appreciate his support and encouragement of our workout efforts.  Thank you Jeff!