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We wanted to give a big shoutout to Suzette Monteiro for all of her hard work and dedication over the past 2 years since joining us at Pennant. Suzette just celebrated her 40th birthday on Sunday and has been been on a steady, consistent journey to becoming her best self.
Suzette has had a long, gradual journey to where she is today. When she started with us in January 2017, she was 162 pounds and her body fat was 37%. She started working with Coach Nicole in April and she was 152 pounds with a body fat of 27%. Suzette completed her most recent 3-month program with Coach Nicole and is now down to 126 pounds and her body fat is 15%!
Suzette’s gradual consistent progress is a true testament to consistency and dedication. It shows that things worth having take time but, if you put in the work and trust the process, amazing things can happen!
Below we have included some pictures from Suzette’s journey. Awesome work, Suzette!

Summer 2013

August 2016

April 2018

152 pounds with a body fat of 27%

Suzette’s 40th Birthday, October 2018

October 2018

126 pounds with a body fat of 15%