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Geri has made such amazing progress since starting with us we wanted to share her story. She just turned 69 yesterday and is looking forward to going skiing for the first time in years!
“When I retired last March at age 68 I decided to take advantage of my newfound freedom by focusing on getting fit and healthy. I was 50 pounds overweight and arthritis in my spine, hips and shoulders had really slowed me down. My daughter had been going to Pennant CrossFit and loved it. She strongly encouraged me to get in touch with Dan for an assessment, and I’m so glad I did.
Dan assessed my initial physical strengths and weaknesses and discussed my personal goals before setting up a schedule with a personal trainer. I knew I couldn’t begin to participate even in introductory Boot Camp classes, but I met three times a week with my personal coach and, over the ensuing months saw my strength and range of motion steadily improve as I gradually lost 45 pounds. Each workout with my coach is customized to my needs, and pushes just a little beyond the previous workout. When a particular joint has been flaring up from my arthritis, my coach has devised exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting that joint so that the next flare wouldn’t be as limiting. Amazingly, I look forward to going to the gym.
Walking into Pennant is not like walking into any other gym I have been to. There is a strong sense of camaraderie, and the members support each other, regardless of where we are on the fitness continuum. While I was (and still am) in awe of what some of the members are able to do, I have never felt self-conscious about not being able to keep up. In fact, even the most fit members often will call out encouragement or congratulations to me when I accomplish something that I’ve been working on. Now, after working with a personal coach for 7 months I have “graduated” to working independently on customized daily routines that include stretches, strengthening, and cardio conditioning. Each daily workout is different, so it never feels as if I am falling into a rut. Dan and the other trainers keep an eye out to correct any poor positioning and to teach me how to correctly perform a new exercise….just as they do with even the most accomplished members working out at the gym.
My experience working with the personal coaches at Pennant has truly been life changing. I feel better, and am able to move more freely and enjoy life more fully. I strongly encourage anyone – regardless of your age or current level of fitness – to come check out Pennant CrossFit. You won’t regret it!”