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Happy Mother’s Day!

4 Sets
6 – 8 Double DB Curl And Press
10 PVC Lat Pull Down
10 Rower Pike Compression
10second Hanging L sit
4 Sets
5 RNT Split Squat – per side (weighted)
10 Single Leg Glute Bridges
10 Double KB Front Squat
50ft Waiters Walk – per side


Shoutout to Coach Mallory for all the hard work and progress!
“These pics are hard for me to post but I’m proud of myself and maybe I can encourage someone else. I successfully finished my mini cut (8 weeks) while still breastfeeding, juggling two jobs, full time mom-ing to a 10 month old, and lots of other small responsibilities. It took a lot of work but I finally came around to realizing IM worth it.”
”Super thankful for Well Fed Nutrition who encouraged me the whole way. Honestly already super excited to do another cut end of summer once I stop breastfeeding so I can REALLYYY cut without worrying about effecting my supply.”
Results: Lost 6lbs. Down 4.4% body fat, gained 1.1 lb muscle mass, lost inches, GAINED CONFIDENCE.