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CrossFit is a fitness methodology that combines elements of gymnastics, weightlifiting, and conditioning into a single program. Workouts are continually varied to keep you body guessing and never allow for adaptation. This approach produces measurable, undisputed results.

Every class is led by one of our professional trainers. First, we lead you through a warm-up and mobility work. Next, we review and practice the movements that will be used in the workout. We will make adjustments based on your specific needs and abilities. Then, when the workout starts, our trainers ensure that you are performing the movements in a safe and effective manner. Our team is there to guide, motivate, and coach!

Workout Tracks

We have created three workout tracks to customize the daily WOD (workout of the day) to our clients’ goals and personal needs. The three tracks are explained below:


This option is ideal for the intermediate to advanced CrossFitter who has the capacity to challenge themselves with higher-level skills and a heavier barbell. This person may also have an interest in recreational CrossFit competitions and enjoys the challenge of more complex workouts. Goal: Be a Badass.


This option is ideal for the beginner athlete as well as the person who loves to apply their fitness outside the gym. This person either needs more experience before being ready for the higher volume of ‘performance’ workouts or is really just interested in a great workout without the layered complexity. Goal: Look good naked and enhance life outside of the gym.


This is for clients with acute or chronic injuries. This track is intended to provide certainty to the training protocol and allow for an athlete to improve their fitness, while accommodating an injury. Goal: Improve fitness without setbacks.

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