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The goal of the Pennant Kids’ Fitness Program is to instill in this and future generations of children a positive association with exercise, a desire to be fit, and a goal to live a long healthy life. There is no secret that childhood obesity it becoming a major health and social issue. By teaching children at an early age that exercising can be fun and exciting we want to break this cycle.

Studies show that children have about a 30-45 minute attention span gap and that is why classes are not your typical hour-long session. During each class, we introduce students to the movements that will be used during the workout. As mentioned above, these workouts are designed to be engaging and effective. We want your children to learn proper movement and, just as important, have fun!

After completing the workout, we reinforce what was learned through a group game. Kids love the games and pairing a skill within a game is a powerful way to help kids further associate what they learned with fun.


Kids’ Fitness Class Schedule: Saturday and Sunday: 11am


Are your kids interested in trying a class?
Great! No experience is necessary and their first class is free!