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The Pennant Nutrition Program is now powered by Well Fed Nutrition!

When we created the Nutrition Program at Pennant we had no idea the impact it would have on some many of our clients.

We are so excited to be expanding the program and to be bringing it to more people with the launch of Well Fed Nutrition!

Please click below to visit the Well Fed Nutrition website and learn about the programs and impact the program has had on so many clients.

Last February I decided to give it a try. after weighing in and body scanned I was really looking forward to learning how to be coached into eating right. Nicole was awesome. we met and made changes along the way to my nutrition plan. 12 weeks later I had lost 25lbs gained muscle mass and my pants were loose! thank you Coach Nicole! Danny S

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Nicole and the nutrition program! The template program has helped me train for two marathons, lean out, and most importantly has changed my relationship with food and how I eat! I feel so much better now, from the inside out! Nicole has been an amazing support throughout my nutrition journey and for so many others! I highly recommend to anyone no matter their health/weight loss goals. Katie K

The template program completely changed the way I eat! I did not set out to lose a lot of weight, but ended up down 5% body fat in 12 weeks–but the best result by far was how my gut became healthier and I am now SO much less bloated/sick after all my meals! Would recommend 100% to anyone, no matter their health goals. Bridget P

In just 12 weeks on the template I lost 15 lbs and 4% body fat. Was definitely one of my better decisions in taking control of my fitness goals. Nutrition is the cherry on top of getting fit and healthy. Could not be happier with what Nicole helped me accomplish. Pushing 50 and in as good a shape as when I was in my 20s. Thank you Well Fed Nutrition!!!!! Rich P

I’m at the tail end of my first program with Well Fed and I feel and – dare I say – look amazing! The template teaches you how to think about what you eat and guides you in creating meals that are balanced, nutritious and plentiful. My coach Nicole has been a great source of humor, support, encouragement, and real talk. I’ve done a lot of nutrition “challenges” at the gym and with friends, and this is by far the best program I’ve been a part of. Life changing! Erin C

Two of the best decisions I have ever made: I started working out at Pennant CrossFit in January as my New Years Resolution then in April I realized I needed to address my nutrition as well. I began to work with Nicole in April and cannot believe the results! I have lost 20lbs and over 20% body fat and feel amazing! This process has forever changed the way I look at food-there is no going back. Kristin S

The template nutrition program literally changed my life and was the best decision and investment I have ever made for my health. At 40 years old I am now leaner and have a better relationship with food that is sustainable for the long term. Not only did I lose weight, I lost body fat, gained confidence, and immensely improved my crossfit training. Coach Nicole was supportive and knowledgeable and the “diet” was simple enough to follow and never left me feeling hunger pains. I highly recommend!!! Suzette M

I’ve been working with Nicole since February. I have surpassed my goal of losing 20# on the template and I’m now pushing 30+. I am a huge proponent of the template program. It works!! Christine S